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Accutane-Week 11 & 12 (3 Months!)



As I was on vacation I missed two blog entries!

I am now at the 3 month mark. Although I am not completely in the clear yet there has been significant improvement. I keep looking back at one particular picture to remind myself of how far I've come and how much improvement there has been! I am very happy with how the progress has been going.

I had absolutely no spots when I went on vacation but after being there for a few days I started to break again, a new one almost everyday. Just little ones, nothing major and they went away quickly. It most likely had something to do with being in the sun everyday, sweating, wearing makeup, change in diet and not drinking nearly as much water as I should have been (all inclusive :) ). On a side note: Be VERY careful in the sun, wear lots of sunscreen! This medication will make you more sensitive! I used Neutrogena as recommended by my dermatologist.

I now only have two spots, small, and they are already healing. The redness has gone away considerably and it doesn't look as scarred as it did. I'm still spot treating with benzaclin.

Here's to moving forward, feeling hopeful and further progress :)


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