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Day 17



So here's the update-

Actives - 1ish

Marks- 3?

The small zit on my right cheek went away, but it's a bit of a pink mark now. Hopefully it'll fade by tomorrow morning.

Healing- Slowly

The two zits I messed with on my chin are healing. The skin is still pretty dry, but Ive been using CeraVe in the tub moisturizer and slept with antibiotic ointment and a band-aid over that last night, which helped. I'm going to keep using moisturizer and a bit of antibiotic ointment over that to seal in the moisture.

I literally put the exfoliating scrub and Salicylic acid toner under my sink away from me, so I won't be tempted next time to use them.

Stubborn Zit

The stubborn zit on my left cheek is still there... it's not raised really, it's flat and almost just looks like a mark, but you can tell there's gunk beneath the skin. I just don't understand when it's going to come out? If it's not improved by tomorrow, I'm going to call my derm and ask what to do about it.

For now, I'm going to do a couple of warm washcloths to the area.

Switching BP Wash to the AM

I'm also going to try doing my BP wash in the AM, followed by moisturizer. And at night, CeraVe facewash & then wait an hour, and then apply the Atralin. I'm not sure if it's definite, but I've heard that BP wash used too close in time to Atralin can prevent the Atralin from working correctly.

Let me know if you use a similar regimen & how it's going for you! :)


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