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The Past Few Days

So the past few days there's been a deep zit on my left cheek that has been painful and stubborn. Yesterday, it looked like it might eventually turn into a whitehead. Last night I used warm compresses on it a few times and then continued with my usual regimen. But it didn't turn into a whitehead...at least not yet. It is smaller though, which is a bit of progress.

The small red mark on my forehead is healing up, as are a couple of small ones along my jawline.

Actives Right Now

As far as actives go, there's the small one on my left cheek, there's one weird zit on my chin that went away, came back, and I think is going away again?, and one annoying under-skin/clogged pore on the farrr right of my right jawline a few inches below my ear. This is an area where I continuously get zits and I know I really need to let it come to a full whitehead without messing with it. I applied some BP wash to that area this morning, so I hope that helps. This one I'm not as hung-up on because it's not in the middle of my face where everyone can see it.


So, all in all, a few zits that are bothering me, but the upsides are that my complexion is looking a lot better--bright almost.

I'm pretty eager for things to improve and hit the 3 week (21 day mark). I've heard people stop having such a bad initial breakout at this point, so that excites and motivates me to keep going!

Important Lessons

One thing I've learned is that the Atralin (topical retinoid) works to purge the gunk out of your pores. When I've messed with zits, even small clogged pores, it's actually made it worse/take longer for them to heal and purge. I'm going to try my best to resist picking at small zits, and just let them run their course. This is SO MUCH HARDER SAID THAN DONE, though.

I'm trying to drink more water today, too, but not doing that great so far. I need to make sure I drink 8-10 glasses, since I'll be working out later.

I'd love to hear how others are doing on this treatment (Spiro &/or topical retinoid) or other regimens!

Comment & let me know :)


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