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Week 15 (Day 107)



Almost to the 4 months mark so very excited by that. I go see my derm tomorrow so I will probably edit this post but until then.....on to the update.

This has been a week of super inflamed acne....yikes!

One large one on my forehead. The one that developed 3 weeks ago deflated and then re-inflated it. And i am developing another one on the edge of my hairline/forehead. I have a few lip zits that may or may not develop into something and my left inner cheek has a blind pimple that has started to retreat. Additionally, i have smaller zits on the left/right side of my mouth and under my chin though those are not as visible (fingers crossed). Thankfully, the forehead/hairline ones are the most visible at this time.

It'll be interested to hear what my derm says about my progress - whether to continue to 6 months or start something new. Truth be told, I wouldn't be opposed to just sticking it out till six months to say that I gave it a 100% shot.


So I have returned from the derm and we have decided to stay on the same regimen. She sees a ton of improvement from the start of this regimen as do I and says that it is not unusual to not be consistently clear due to hormonal factors. She stressed the point that my skin will probably not be 100% clear but that we want to get it to a manageable point where I am not afraid to look at myself if the mirror or get as much painful acne as I was getting. My next appointment with her is the end of June so that will put my pass the 6 month mark. We'll see if changes come a knocking.

On a side note, this experience has made me realize that there is so much I need to work on about myself. My happiness/contentedness CANNOT be rooted in my physical appearance. I need to love all shades and sides of me as do we all. Life can change moment to moment so I can't hold on to something that is temporary,


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Let us know what happens! 4 months is awesome to accomplish, good for you!!! BTW, have you gotten any very tiny tiny small zits or clogged pores that are not filled with gunk, but with just clear liquid? I've had a couple the past two days and was wondering

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