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I Hate Acne/ Initial Breakouts



Okay, so I'm frustrated.

My face is in an initial breakout/ healing state and I'm annoyed. I have a mark healing on my left cheek, a small zit/bump under that, which won't seem to come to the surface. Yet, it hasn't gone away by applying benzoyl peroxide face wash/atralin. I have one red spot healing on my forehead. And I also have a small bump on my right cheek, which will probably surface and go away. One more red mark healing on my lower right chin from a random whitehead that appeared this morning.

I know that this is typical...that Atralin causes your face to purge at the beginning...and I know it hasn't even been 2 weeks yet (I'm at 12 days total with the regimen & 6 days on the 75mg of Spironolactone). But it sucks. And it makes stressed and not want to go out and be around people. Sigh.

Any support would be appreciated!


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Hang in there. I am almost four months in on a supplement regimen and differin/aczone and I am still breaking out but each time is less severe. Most people see more consistent improvement before four months but there are still a few of us that take a bit longer to notice consistent improvement.

Atralin is a great retinoid that i have used before and it is uber gentle. Set in your mind a 6 month time frame so if you continue t break out before then you won't be disappointed. It's not an easy road but yo have support sistah. Keep your head up.

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Hey thank you so much for the support... It's tough getting excited that my skin is clearing up just to get more zits and problems.

How has your journey been on it? Did you have an initial breakout within the first couple of weeks? Has it cleared up most of your acne?

I've heard it can take 12 weeks to clear up... But I'm only done with 2 weeks and 10 just seems like soooo far to go :/

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I did have many initial breakouts but it is not severe at this point. I am still struggling at almost 4 months in but my skin is definitely much better than it was when i started. I think there may also be an underlying hormonal issue so no topical will ever clear me up 100%. With that said, keep in mind that 12 weeks doesn't mean that you'll be 100% clear. But by that point, you should BEGIN to see positive change. Just try to stay as positive as you can.

Have hope!

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Thanks! :) things are looking up even from yesterday... hoping things continue to improve.

I'm hoping the Spironolactone 75 mg will help to control my hormones but it takes a while to get used to it

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