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What To Learn From Two Acne Treatment Books



I recently ran into two books about curing acne from our local library book shelf. I would love to share some of my thoughts on these books and maybe you will want to check them out yourself.

First one is called The acne prescription by Nicholas Perricone. The second one is called The acne cure by Terry J.Dubrow and Brenda D.Adderly.

Interestingly the two books totally focused different aspects of the disease.

First one introduced systematic three steps prescription including:

  1. The anti-inflammatory diet: high protein, low sugar and carbon dioxide
  2. Nutritional supplements: so many of them, Vitamin A, B, C, D, E
  3. Topical Anti-inflammatories: Alpha Lipoic Acid, DMAE, Glutathione

Also introduce Yoga exercise to relax mood and body.

While the second one mainly focused on skin treatments and also includes three steps:

  1. Cleaning away excess dead cells using face cleanse with 2% Salicyclic Acid
  2. Removing the clog using products with 8% to 10% Glyolic Acid.
  3. Stopping the disease dead in its tracks with Benzoyl Peroxide.

Remember to put cold ice bags on acne pimples to help open pores and get the chemical working deep into pores.

Now this two books introduced different aspects of the disease and I agree on both of them.

For people who suffer from severe, they probably have an idea what will make the situation worse. For me, as a girl and early twenties, I know my problem is really my period. Yet, I can do nothing with to it. Or at least I do not know a way to deal with my highly irregular period (like 60 days delay sometimes). Therefore, healthy diet and taking vitamin help with balance hormone level. Light exercise can help relax myself, which is introduced in book one.

However, you cannot simply ignore your skin condition. Using methods introduced in book two with proper products couple times a week, will reduce irritation to your skin and control acne condition at the same time. You should determine how often to use these harsh chemical products. I would certainly not suggest use them every day, which will only lead to more sensitive skin.

I am starting to trying combine the above two procedures. Let’s see how it goes. Hope you all be confident and find the strength in yourself to fight with acne.


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