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12 Days



Hey everyone!

For more info on the regimen I am using, see my 2 previous blog posts.

Here's a 12 day update.

First of all, I can't believe it's been only one week. It seems kinda crazy that it's been such a short time, yet so much has changed. Within the first few days of the new regimen, my skin became pretty dry and a bit sensitive. Current zits/problem areas I had started to dry out and heal. After just a few days, I was so excited because my face was becoming much clearer. However, I started to get a few more zits in different areas. I think the regimen is causing my skin to "purge" or get rid of the clogged dirt/oil/dead skin cells underneath. My face has broken out in phases, almost. Different areas seem to be getting zits and then clearing up.

I'm a bit frustrated right now because once one area seems to purge and then heal, another area starts. First, it was my forehead, then my right cheek & nose, then my chin, and now it seems to be a bit more of my forehead and my left cheek.

However, I know from past regimens that this is normal and necessary. Your skin needs to get rid of the gunk within it to become more clear. So, I am trying to remain hopeful that things will get better!

Here are some honest mistakes I have made, that I know I need to stop doing:

  • Messing with my skin. It's so tempting to pop zits before they are ready (whiteheads), but I know that this actually can make them worse & cause the area to become infected.
  • Using benzoyl peroxide on certain areas more than once per day or using too much. I had a clogged pore that was driving me nuts the other day, so I used BP wash on it twice in one day and it dried out my skin way too much. Now the area is red & will take a bit longer to heal.
  • Before I started my regimen, I used a Salicylic Acid toner and my Benzoyl Peroxide face wash. NEVER, EVER, EVERRRR use these two together. I don't just mean not to use them in the same day. Don't use them together. If you are going to use Benzoyl Peroxide, you cannot use Salicylic Acid. Using both will cause your skin to literally become burnt, dry, and insanely irritated. Trust me, DON'T DO IT!
  • Using more than a pea size amount of the Atralin at night. At first, I thought using a bit more would make it work faster. I was way wrong. After researching info from Dermatologists online, I found out that using more than a pea size amount in a thin layer on your face is very harmful to your skin.
  • I'm becoming kind of a wimp. A week ago I would have LOVED to have my current, somewhat clearer skin. Now, though, I'm a bit hesitant to want to go out or be seen unless things are great/ unless I only have one spot to cover up. I know that this purging is temporary, so I'm trying not to be too hard on myself about this. It's okay during this initial time for me to be more sensitive to going out. In all honestly, it's somewhat because I don't want to have to put too much makeup on to go out because I don't want to clog my pores.

    I am frustrated because I have a few spots on my forehead and chin that are a bit red and healing. I also have 2 spots on my left cheek that are drying out (hopefully). I used benzoyl peroxide face wash on them and then moisturizer. Hoping they go away by tonight or tomorrow... :/

    Here's what I'm Hopeful About:

    • It's only been 11 days total on the regimen, and only 5 days on 75 mg/day of the Spiro. Which is kinda crazy. My skin is SO MUCH CLEARER than it was even a week ago.
    • While my face has been breaking out and healing quite a bit, it is purging out all of the gunk. Hoping that this last bit (my left cheek & forehead) is the last bit to go. (Fingers crossed!!!)
    • Tomorrow is Sunday and I already have plans, so I can let my face rest and repair today & then I can brave covering up a few problem areas & going out tomorrow.

    If you are on this regimen or a similar one, or are just struggling with an initial breakout, please let me know! It's great to speak with others and provide support!


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