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No Longer On Accutane. Why I Started A New Regimen.

Here's some background:

  • For the past 8+ years, I tried everything--all different types of face washes/ scrubs/ masks/etc. Nothing ever really seemed to work.

    My Accutane Experience
    • Finally, last year, I decided to start Accutane. I was on Accutane for 3 months, but stopped because of the side effects. I waited a few months and restarted Accutane and was on it for about 6 months (40 -60 mg per day).
    • I had a REALLY rough Initial Breakout (IB) with Accutane within the first couple of months & some rough side effects (intense peeling, achy joints, fatigue, very dry & cracked lips, etc). Once my skin got used to the Accutane, i was on 40 mg/day while backpacking in Europe to maintain clear skin.

      What Accutane Did Not Solve:

      • Hormones. Each month before my cycle I would break out like CRAZY. When on Accutane, it was usually a couple problematic zits, that would usually go away within a few days or a week. However, the healing from those zits would take 1-2 weeks.
      • Note -- I have been OFF of Accutane for 6 months, so my skin has had time to adjust and is no longer as fragile.


      [*]My current dermatologist explained to me that Accutane can purge the built-up dirt/oil within your skin to get it a lot more clear. It also lowers the amount of excess oil your skin produces to minimize future clogging. However, it does not work on your hormones. Therefore, I am starting a NEW REGIMEN (see my blog post for details).


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