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My New Regimen- Spironolactone, Benzoyl Peroxide Face Wash, & Atralin Gel.



For more background on why I'm no longer on Accutane, check out my profile or first blog post "No Longer on Accutane. Started a New Regimen."

The Reason for My Current Regimen (How it Works):

  • To control an excess amount of Testosterone from being absorbed into the blood (on a regular basis) but also during that time of the month, she has prescribed Spironolactone. I took 1 pill (25 mg) for 3 days & then 2 pills for 3 days for my body to get used to it. I will now stay at 3 pills each day (75 mg total).
  • I was on the birth control Zovia. However, my derm explained to me that this type is actually not recommended for people with hormonal acne problems. So, I have switched to Ortho Tri Cyclen, which works with the Spironolactone to combat hormonal acne and regulate your hormones.
  • She also prescribed using a Benzoyl Peroxide face wash (Panoxyl: 4%) once at night, on my entire face. Then, I apply a bit of CeraVe moisturizer to my face to keep it from drying out too much. Then, I wait 30 mins+ and apply a THIN layer (no more than a pea size) of Atralin gel (0.05%) to my entire face.
  • The Benzoyl Peroxide in the Panoxyl wash works to kill bacteria on the skin and under the skin--something that Salicylic Acid does NOT do. The Atralin gel is VERY powerful and can be very drying, which is why I apply some moisturizer after washing my face. Make sure to wait at least 30 mins after washing your face & applying moisturizer to apply the Atralin gel. Why? If your skin is wet, the Atralin gel will absorb into it too much & make it very dry &/or irritated.


    • Work up your tolerance to BOTH the Benzoyl Peroxide face wash & Atralin gel. Start by using them once every other night to let your skin get accustomed to the medicine within them. Otherwise, you could peel/irritate your face.
    • Atralin is to be used once at NIGHT. It breaks down the dead/clogged layers of skin underneath the top layer and works to open up your pores so that the excess oil can drain. It also promotes regeneration of healthy skin cells, so that your skin can heal faster. However, your skin will be very sensitive and fragile at the beginning of treatment (1-3 months). Your pores are then exposed and become VERY sensitive to the sunlight. If you are outside you can become sunburnt within 5 minutes if you use Atralin in the morning.
    • You can become sunburnt VERY EASILY even if you use the Atralin at night. Make sure your moisturizer has sunscreen in it. Even if it does, you may want to apply sunscreen on under your makeup.
    • Atralin is NOT, NOT, NOT to be used to "Spot- Treat" zits or problem areas. If you do this, you can wreak havoc on your skin and even BURN IT! Same thing with very powerful Benzoyl Peroxide washes. It will do your skin more harm than good to use it to "spot-treat."
    • DO NOT use scrubs when you begin this regimen. AT ALL. SERIOUSLY. The reason is because the Benzoyl Peroxide is already drying out your skin and the Atralin is breaking up the layers of your skin underneath & on top. If you use a scrub, you WILL IRRITATE your skin, possibly break your skin & cause it to bleed/ scar/ scab.
    • If your face peels a bit with this regimen, use your hands & gentle, warm water to wash it. Or VERY, VERY gently, use a warm wash cloth and CeraVe moisturizer to wash your face. DO NOT SCRUB IT--you'll irritate your skin and make it peel even more. Then, apply a generous amount of CeraVe moisturizer to your skin.
    • Do NOT start this regimen without consulting with your dermatologist. Everyone has different reactions to skin care products and needs a customized skin care plan. This regimen may not work for you depending on your type of skin, your type of acne, your hormone levels, etc.


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