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The Perpetual Cycle



My period is set to land in 4 days and I am seeing more activity in the days leading up to it. I haven't seen a clear pattern with when my acne is worse but I have noticed that sometimes my pre-period week is more rough as well as the week after it. My lower left side of my face by my jaw/cheek started out with teeny tiny clogs. Many of those have now turned into red bumps that visible and have a slight lumpiness to it. The area where I seem to get some of those deeper pimples is being affected again which sucks but I know I am feasible doing everything I can at this point.

I'm in a dilemma where I want to go the full six months with Differin since my face has improved but I also don't want to waste a lot of time staying with it if this is the peak of its effectiveness. My skin has got to be one of the most stubborn out there if even accutane or diet changes don't work.

My derm may suggest retin-a which I have used before but the fear is that it will irritate my skin and of course, exasperate my eczema. Even worse, I definitely don't want to go through an initial breakout worse than what happened in the first few months of Differin. So many concerns, none of which I have the answer to.

This week has been a very stressful week so maybe this is intensifying things but we'll see. I'm hoping by the end of the week I am back to my usual mini pimples versus this cluster of deep inflammation that I have going on as I will be out of town and I want to look semi decent.

I'm not going to let my acne ruin my week off or my Easter as this is a time of mourning but also the idea that there is something greater out there for us as people. Jesus died for us so that we could live free of sin, stress, worry and anything that holds us back.

Keep on keeping on my brothers and sisters.


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Have you used both atralin and differin before? Do you like differin better and why? Also what does the aczone do? I have been using BP wash at night. I also started off using the atralin every night so I think that may be why I started purging after just a few days. I'm hoping that might mean the worst of the purging will end soon. Most of the clogged pores I have had are the areas that have surfaced into zits. Fingers crossed that the worst of the purging ends this week !!!

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I have used Atralin and Aczone before but not differin for an extended period of time. Differin is much gentler on my skin as i developed eczema from using BP but Atralin is a stronger retinoid. In my pre-eczema days, atralin was gentle on my skin but never cleared me up at all. I am a strange case though. Purging sucks and can last weeks/months but its a process. The BP should help things. Just remember that consistency is the key.

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