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Finished 2Nd Course Of Accutane But Day 55




So tonight showering i noticed the first pimple on my face after like 3 months of not getting one. Before i just had one little zit but this one is a midsized lump. I touch it and press on it but it doesn't hurt. Hopefully it's just a mosquito bite, don't know yet.

Since like my 15thday day of pills, which was sometime around mid November 2014 my regimen has only consisted of regular facewash at night and plain water during the mornings, perhaps i should start considering adding some acne facewash.

I only have five pills left of accutane left. Took my 55th day of pill on March 22 and hoping to take the last 5 later April. For anyone reading this i am not under the care of a dermatologist anymore. Due to side effects, since late December, 2014 i've been taking Accutane whenever i wanted. Don't know but everytime i take the pills by face dries up but oil starts returning soon after. Summer is around the corner gotta hope for the best. Peace


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