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First Treatment: 3-31-2015



Today I began my first ever ALA/PDT and Blue Light Extraction treatment. The treatment was slightly painful. They first started off by doing a deep cleansing of my face and neck (where my acne is most severe). Then, they did what is called an extraction where they pick and suck out all the nasty grime in the pores (Guh-ross, I know). This hurt the most because they were picking deep into my pores. After that they put the Levulan Gel (ALA) onto my face and left it on for 15 minutes (it had a burning sensation because it is a strong chemical). Once the gel dried, they began the blue light treatment and finally, they put injections into my face and on the acne itself.

After the treatment my face felt tight and was slightly red (like a mild sunburn). So far I have no peeling, no more redness, and no pain or burning sensation.

Of course, my face may breakout before it gets better and common side effetcs include: peeling, redness, and breakouts (before it gets better, of course).

I will keep you updated and once my phone starts working I will add in pictures to show you how my face looks and if any changes have occured :cool:


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