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Week 3-4 Of Acne.org Regimen



So about a month ago I broke out all around my chin. I'm in my 30's so this came as a surprise. Well, anyway. I am on a mission to get it cleared up.

When I begin the regimin, my acne was really bad all over my face especially on my chin and really inflamed and itchy.

Currently my regimen is

Wash with Acne.org wash

Neutrogene 2.5% BP

Acne.org AHA lotion every 2-3 days overnight

once or twice a day I use hot towels soaked in dead sea salts to help draw out the cysts that have formed

On much of the "regular" acne, especially my forehead and nose it is all but gone. However on the sides of my cheeks and chin it is being stubborn.

I am not sure how long to give the regimen as far as my cysts are concerned.

I have gone to a dermatologist and they prescribed me antibiotics which I began about 5 days ago. So far there is no effect except for maybe a worsening but I'm not sure.

Currently my acne has greatly diminished. And it is no longer inflamed and really itchy and throbbing like it was. Thank God. Currently I have one deep pimple on my left cheek but it's not huge. I have a small cyst on the right cheek. One HUGE cyst on my left side of my chin and one medium cyst on my right side of my chin. Other then that, just a few small zits but they are kept under control with the BP. I know I am going to have to get the large cyst injected cause it is travelling and growing. Which means it's killing good tissue and looking for new tissue. I'm pretty upset because Kaiser Permanente keeps telling me they dont want to inject it! I may change my health coverage.

Here is my prayer. Thay once I get the cysts taken care of at the dermatologist. The Acne.org regimen will keep them away! Please God.


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