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Week 14 (Day 100)



100 days on any regimen is a major milestone! I can't believe I've been on this journey for that long. Anyway, here is this weeks recap.

It's the week before my period and I am breaking out but not in a way that makes me want to run and hide. My inner left cheek is the issue and the bumps are red and somewhat inflamed but not deep in the skin at all (thank God). I also have a very painful bump on the underside of my lip which has finally developed a white head and man does it hurt. Also, I am getting some red bumps on my temples which Is annoying but I know it could be worse. My right side cheek area has been for the most part clear for a month or so as well as my forehead but everywhere else has been getting some consistent form of acne. I am going to do a paleo detox in a week and a half for 14 days so we'll see how it goes. I also will do a thermography on the 25th of next month which may or may not prompt a change in my supplemental regimen.

Overall, I think Differin has been better for me than ziana and atralin so that's something. I see my derm next Tuesday so I will update any additional changes she prescribes as well as her input.

To all who are reading this, acne treatment is a long ass marathon not a race so keep on keeping on.


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