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Derm Appt. - Finally A New Direction To Take



Finally got to see the dermatologist after about 5 months. I went to a different clinic under the same guy, but I saw a different PA. She was pretty nice and thorough in her questions. Basically said that I did indeed have many clogged pores, lots of hyperpigmentation and scarring, with lots of pimples, and, uhh.. that I should have made an appointment earlier :/ But she was understanding of the situation. Since I'm not on any topicals anymore and none of the products from my skincare routine atm have any acne fighting properties, she prescribed me some retinoid (I think it's called Ziana) but that'll take about 2-3 weeks to get to me. So, yeah, I'm pretty glad I've finally got some direction.

Here are some picture updates:



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