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Week 6



I'm going to focus less on the cause of my acne in this post and more on how my current regimen has helped my skin.

The original reason I switched up my regimen is because I was getting small non-inflamed comedones, so little skin coloured bumps that when squeezed had stringy pus inside. I am no longer getting those :) I think the exfoliation and AHA is helping that.

My skin is no longer oily as well. It was never overly oily before, but now there's nothing at all. The dryness has also improved. I still get flakey over areas where there is a pimple or has been a pimple, but the rest of my skin is I guess what I would call balanced. I think the niacinamide has helped with that as that's what its supposed to do.

I bought a new SAP cream. SAP is a vitamin C ester, and this cream has a different vitamin C ester that is supposed to be more stable and is lipid soluble, meaning it can penetrate the lipid layer on the skin and get deeper. It is called Alina. It seemed a little sketchy at first because it seems to be the only product the company provides (I'm always on the lookout for scams because I get most of my stuff off of the internet), but I've only been using it for two days and I swear its made a difference. My skin didn't look as red and looked softer, if that's possible lol. Anyway, I will continue to use it because I don't think my other cream is ever coming back.

That also means I needed a new niacinamide cream, so I am waiting for the arrival of Acnessentials 4% niacinamide cream. Until then the Alina cream has a bit of niacinamide so I am not too concerned. The Alina cream also has vitamin E and green and white tea extracts. I am already using a green tea cream but the white tea is a nice addition because I've heard that helps too, although I haven't done much research on it to know for sure.

I'm slowly trying to replace some of the things I eat with low carb alternatives like my doctor recommended. Its going to be a huge adjustment for me so I really can't just jump right now. Plus I really haven't had the time to sit down and plan out low carb meals.

I am still getting red inflamed pimples, which I know are hormonal because nothing I do can prevent them, although the small changes in my diet seem to be helping. Either that or my hormones are at an acceptable level for my skin so I am not getting any new pimples right now. I'm sure that will change soon enough. It is nice to have these breaks every so often though to regain my optimism :)


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