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Accutane-Week 10 (Getting There!)



Week 10...

Had a friend tell me that she could really notice my skin clearing. I almost cried. What an amazing thing to hear.

There has definitely been a lot more progress since week 9. I have a couple of small spots on my right side but they're small and bearable compared to what it used to look like. They still come out, which is annoying but I have to be very happy that it isn't even close to being as bad is it was. There is still redness and red spots from the previous breakout but I can deal with this WAY better than before. I started spot treating as per the recommendation of the derm with Benzaclin (used it before) really dried out and flaked my skin but it did help with the healing process.

I haven't been applying as much lip balm or eye drops which has also been nice but I know both symptoms may stick with me for a long time.

I'm still having trouble with having more confidence and not hiding my face as much but hopefully in due time when I'm completely clear I will feel much more confident to face the world!



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