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Diet Switch And Body Cleanse- March 25,2015



HHHHHHHHHHHeyy peopllllle! HAppy SPRING! Nice to talk to you again. A couple things have changed during the past month. As you read by the title, i changed my diet. And hopefully its FOR GOOD!

I have a feeling, its gonna be LONG TERM- Lifestyle.

So, first things first. My Indian creams still didn't come in, and they prob wont within the next 2 months so we'll have to leave that aside for now. As of using the regimen, i used it for approximately 3 weeks, and like i mention before.. living oil sucking cream! I really can't use it for too long because it irritates me. It drys me out really bad, and acne doesn't go away.

Most of u know, i REALLY LOVE chocolate, but i went vegan 8 days ago(March 17,2015)

Being vegan is really nice, because it really cleanses the body inside out which can heal long term. I ate crap for the past 6 months and reason being, i broke out on my face pretty badly.

If you struggle with breakouts or acne, look over your diet. I learned that FAT causes acne. Fat, such as; meats, dairy, processed oils. I've been vegetarian for over a year, but eating dairy still made a HUGE impact on my skin. I ate A LOT of chocolate, and chocolate has A LOT OF fat, saturated fat, etc. Now,i'm doing a No oil- Low Fat high Carb vegan diet. If you want to hear more about it , please let me know so i will write it in my next blog.

My face still breakouts for now, because it's in the cleansing stages so i guess it's supposed to.

I prob have like 4-5 pimples active, but other than that, it's just red acne scars.

Skin CARE?!

well, i try to wash my face twice a day, but sometimes i'm lazy so its usually in the morning. My face is really dry so i use Aveeno exfoliater pads. Still using Nivea moist. Not using any treatments at the moment. Letting my body heal with the diet.

ALSOOOO>> I've been working on my own SELF-COMPOSED piano music, so if u would like to check it out please follow this link: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCGYWtSSGqJOyDnDscfK2q9Q

You can follow me on Pinterest, Instagram, and YouTube all at BeautyWithInMyself. The links are in my Bio.

I think that's it for now! Please stay safe. Enjoy the SPRING weather CUZ I LOVE SPRING! Until next time. God Bless :D


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