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My Third Month Of Claravis



I'm about a week into my third month on Claravis. I used to be super oily all the time. Photos with flashes would reflect off me, I'd see myself in mirrors with a shine, it was terrible. Now I rarely notice oil. It's 3pm on a Sunday and I haven't showered or even washed my face since last night, and I'm not oily. It's night and day.

It's also very rare for me to get a new pimple. I do still have some older pimples hanging on. Some are just dark spots where the skin sticks out and those will fade. I'm tempted to brush some salicylic acid onto them but I haven't yet. Then I have a couple of old cyctic pimples that had ruptured slowly healing and occasionally requiring some drainage.

The rest of my pores have never been so clear. I feel like a ton of junk has been pushed out and since I'm not constantly oily it isn't building up. Some of my pores I can literally see little plugs in them sometimes. Some are big enough to pull out with tweezers. I got some of those Bioré strips so when I see a few pores with plugs I'll do those on my nose and the cheaks around it. It's crazy to see the junk that comes out.

On the down side I'm very red in the face. I have sort of a tan skin tone so it kind of blends a little bit but I'm sure that it's noticable to other people, especially in a super bright room. I think that I've come to grips with it but I can tell that it will be an ongoing battle. I also get some strange eczema on my forearms, especially around my wrist. I have a cream for it but I've found that I can control it if I just stay vigilant on moisturizing that area.

Worse though, my lips get extremely dry. I've got some Nivea sticks stashed all over. The bathroom, next to the bed, in the car, at work, in my jacket. Realizing that I'm in a situation without one quickly becomes a panic. Luckily most gas stations have cheap chapstic to hold you over. Then when you do have it you're leaving lip marks on every glass and if you forget to reapply they get dried out and it's like all your effort was for nothing.

Altogether I'm comfortable with the progress and hopeful for the future.


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