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Week 5



Still no improvement, and my SAP/niacinamide cream is unavailable for me to purchase right now, and I'm running low. I started only using it in the morning so I don't totally run out.

I am going to see my doctor tomorrow to ask about getting an ultrasound to see if I have PCOS. I'm convinced that's the problem, but this will either confirm or rule it out. I'm worried because I don't have the "classic" signs of PCOS, like weight gain or severe extra hair growth. I have some extra hair on my upper lip, but nothing like I've heard PCOS causes. Either way, I know something is up with my hormones so an ultrasound is a good thing to do and blood work would be the next thing I would want done. My moods are all over the place so the sooner I get this solved, the better it will be for my emotional health. I suffer from depression and social anxiety so the last thing I need is ups and downs in my mood for no apparent reason.

I was talking to people at work about my acne and what I think is going on (we are tight knit group) and they said they don't see any acne (granted I'm wearing makeup), so I've gained a little more confidence. I still refuse to leave the house without makeup though.

Well, I guess there's not much more I can do until the doctors start to do tests.


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