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Scar blog!

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First Post! Anyone Help Would Be Awesome!



Hey guys! This is my first post here so I'll get straight to it! I'm currently on accutane and have about a month or 2 to go of my 5-6 month treatment. Taking 40mg morning and 20mg every other night.

Have all the basic symptoms but I was wondering does anyone else wake up in the morning and literally have to peel off their lips?!?!? Yes? no? maybe so?!?!?!?

Anyways, I carry tweezers with me EVERYWHERE or my mouth will turn white and peely and its such a great look.. so sexy. Does anyone else do this.. is this normal? I will literally peeeel off the first layer each morning.. its become apart of my morning ritual and I get excited to do it because its so satisfying! GROSS I KNOW BUT SO GOOD sadjflasfda;skdfj

Main question though: Does anyone have simlar scars? What have you tried or think will be the best treatment for these? Tried to catch the best angle in this lighting so yall could really see. They're shallow but I feel so ugly since its so obvious and an insecurity I can't really hide. Like I had a disease on my face and it shows.

Any help/advice helps.

Thanks! xoxo


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