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Day 30 - Womp Womp



Hey folks! Thought I'd update you on my progress. Two steps forward, one step back, I guess. I was all happy about how clear my skin was, and then my face decided to get one of the worst breakouts I've had in a while. Thank you time of the month. The photo attached is from a few days ago... trust me, it's even worse now. I have huge whiteheads all around my mouth area that I'm dying to pop (I won't). They compliment my chapped lips quite nicely.

I saw my dermatologist yesterday. My bloodwork was normal, which means I'm good to go for round 2! She said all my side effects meant that I was sensitive (ya think?). She said she'd never heard of anyone describing the side effects of Accutane as being hungover. She thought about lowering my dosage, but since they've mostly all gone away, we decided to charge ahead at 40 mg.

She ordered an extraction since my skin clearly has a lot of gunk to purge. I'm on the fence about getting it done or not, since I read about scarring. Since I haven't been on it too long, I may go ahead and have one.

I read a thread on the forums about using hydrocortisone to heal the Accutane-beaten lips. I used it a few and it works great! If your lips are scaling off your face like a snake shedding its skin, it will stop that. I've pretty much just accepted that chapped lips are my life now, so I've stopped putting so much chapstick on and just let them be moderately chapped. Just as long as they're not horrifying people and I'm not in pain, then whatever.

I hope the worst is over. I'm getting closer to clear skin!


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