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Turmeric Mask Breaking Me Out?



It's been a month that I've been using a turmeric face mask almost every other night (1 part turmeric, 2 parts yogurt). Originally I was interested in using it to see some facial hair reduction, and then I heard it was used to treat acne too, so I decided to give it a go. Well, comparing my face from a month ago to now, my acne's gotten pretty bad. I've had some cysts on my jawline for days, and I'm getting several on my cheeks too ( ). I'm also getting a bunch of subsurface bumps on my forehead, which I haven't experienced since my severe flare up last year.

I just can't tell if it's my acne coming back with a vengeance since I've been off of Bactrim for 5 months now, or if it's the mask breaking me out. Or if I'm just purging, which I think I remember reading about on a thread about turmeric face masks. I really don't want to think it's the mask, since turmeric and yogurt are supposed to have anti-inflammatory properties, but I guess I can't totally rule it out.

I scheduled an appointment with my derm two weeks ago, and the earliest I could get was March 28. I'm not okay with it, but I'm not making a huge fuss. Unlike my dad - he's soo mad. He thinks my derm isn't good enough and that I need a new one (which I don't think is the case. Maybe if I'd made an appointment earlier they would've given me a new prescription). He tried getting me to schedule with a clinic in Beverley Hills, but I looked them up and read incidents of them not fully accepting people's insurance. So I just scheduled with my usual clinic, but this time not with a PA, but with the head derm (which I've only seen once, and tbh he kinda creeped me out lol).

Oh, should also mention that I ran out of Epiduo a week ago. I don't want to think that's contributing to the flare up too, since it wasn't doing anything for me the last few weeks I was using it, but I guess it wouldn't be so smart to exclude it completely.

3/19 Edit: Holy crap so I stayed away from the turmeric mask for like 2 days and I tried it again yesterday evening just to use up the last of the leftovers I'd made and just before bed I felt like I was growing some new 'friends' on my face and of course this morning I woke up with like 4 really painful, awfully large bumps :((( Gonna stay away from that mask for the next few weeks and see if my skin gets better.


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