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Week 12 (Day 86)



So i am 4 days from the three month mark and progress has been so-so. To be fair, the regimen, which by far has been the most effective topical for me (apart from the whole developing eczema thing), took closer to four months to start working consistently.

I am still breaking out but in the last 90 days, I have not skipped work because of my skin and for me, that is a HUGE milestone. Still, differin has not done what it promised to do and I have developed hyperpigmentation which sucks. But let's get down to the nitty gritty of it all:


The right side of my cheek is doing really well and has been that way for a few weeks now.

My forehead is also doing great (but in all honesty, it has never been a huge problem area for me)

my eczema has not flared much (a patch here or there when i apply too much product)

my acne cycles so it hasn't been weeks on end of terrible breakouts


I am still breaking out in significantly large bumps

My left side cheek, mouth area has been a hot bed since December and shows no signs of letting up.

My skin gets dry

Right now, I have 2 sexy lip line bumps (one of which is HUGE), underground bumps on my left cheek and mouth and a a few hairline bumps. Nothing too terrible but acne is acne. I see my derm in 21-22 days to re eval and if i don't see further improvement, I am going to ask to be bumped up to a stronger retinoid.

My face is no where as bad as it was last summer but it has such a long way to go before I can declare my acne controlled.


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