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Holistic/estroblock Approach

Continuing my first blog (My Severe Acne Journey)...

I am currently 25 and about a month ago, I started to break out AGAIN on my chin, jawline and mouth area. What the heck?!?! I have been on ACCUTANE TWICE and am still suffering from acne??!!? What is this all about?

I finally realized that it HAS to be something that is going on internally, so I FINALLY decided to take the holistic approach to curing my acne... and I am SO glad that I did!

First off, I started eating WHOLE FOODS and cut out all dairy, sugar and drank tons of water and green tea. I truly believe that your diet has an impact on your skin and although, this holistic diet did not clear my skin up 100%, it did help. Thus, I knew there was something even more going on internally.. So, I started to research some of the top vitamins and supplements online that helps clear up acne. This is when I came across Tracy and "The Love Vitamin" website. Please, whoever is suffering from acne GO CHECK THIS WEBSITE OUT! Especially those who have tried every topical, medication, therapy, etc. to try and cure their acne.

I was checking out Tracy's website and watching her YouTube videos online and from her recommendations, decided to buy Estroblock (a hormone balancer). If you do not know what Estroblock is, please google it and check out it's reviews on amazon. People who suffer from acne seem to have AMAZING results with it, including me.

I started taking Estroblock about 3 weeks ago and I am not even kidding, my acne on my chin, jawline and mouth area has cleared up immensely. I currently have 2 small pimples (one on my chin and one above my lip), but that is NOTHING compared to 3 weeks ago. Estroblock is also all natural, so it does take time for your body to absorb the supplement thus, you have to be very patient. Even though I have only been taking Estroblock for 3 weeks, I can DEFINITELY see a difference. I swear it's like an ACNE MIRACLE!!!!!!! I cannot wait to see the results a few months from now!

PLEASE, anyone who is currently suffering from acne and cannot kick this skin issue, check out Estroblock!!! Especially, if you suffer from hormonal acne.

I am also taking some other vitamin's that potentially could have helped clear my skin, but I honestly believe that it is Estroblock that has been the biggest help with clearing my acne. Why? Because I have read SO MANY reviews on how it has helped people clear their acne.

I am currently taking:

1 multi-vitamin capsule ONCE a day (I have taken this for years and not only to help my skin, but to help my overall health)

1 probiotic capsule TWICE a day

1 Estroblock capsule TWICE a day

1 Cod Liver Oil capsule TWICE a day

I am also still using my topical medication from my dermatologist (clindamycin and tretinion .025%) whenever I have minor breakouts. I only do this because I have so much acne scarring, that I am afraid to completely stop something that has been working for me for the past couple of years. If I didn't already have a ton of acne scarring, I probably would just up and quit the topicals.

So, this is my acne story. If anyone has any questions at all, please feel free to comment on here or write me a message. I understand how hard and depressing it is to deal with acne and acne scarring. I feel for all of you that are currently dealing with this skin issue. Keep your head up. Know you are beautiful inside and out and believe that you and strong enough to get through it. "This too shall pass.." I will be praying for you all!

Xo Melissa

I would also like to add, that I completely cut out dairy about a year ago and it definitely made a difference in my skin and I would have less minor breakouts. Although, I recently started eating dairy here and there and so I began to think that perhaps, that was one of the reasons that I started to break out again... since I was eating quite a bit of it.... :/


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