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Day 1 - 21 : First Blog Entry



I had promised myself that I would start this blog on the first day.. That obviously did not happen. However, here I am on Day 21 of my roaccutane (or just accutane, depending on what country you're in).

Ok, so a little background to me. I'm 18 years old, from Ireland and have had mild but persistent acne since 2nd year of secondary, so I was probably 13 or so? I'm a first year in college now and my acne had been getting a lot worse since 6th year, spreading from just the t-zone and my chin to my cheeks, my jaw line, my back and chest and even my legs. It was a pain in the hole basically. So, about 2 or 3 years ago I started antibiotics and using prescribed creams, facewashes etc. Nothing worked, absolutely nothing. I never saw an improvement, if anything it started to get worse. I never really get any cystic acne. I usually just have a bunch of small-ish spots everywhere with a couple of those deep ones at any point in time.

I'll admit it, disgusting as it is, I am a picker..seriously. I spend way too long in front of the mirror everyday just looking, it's weird.

So, I went to my doctor in December of last year and he prescribed me this stuff. I didn't know much about it, didn't really ask much either. He took went through all the necessary procedures though and explained a load of shite. I was grand about it until I went home and started doing some extra research and scared myself shitless basically. That's the reason why I have put it off until now. My face went through a super bad phase in the middle of February (I think) so I decided that I would just try this and see if it would help out at all.

I was prescribed 10mg for the first ten days and then it went up to 20mg. I take it every morning with breakfast because that is the only meal of the day that really has a set time (except for weekends of course).

Right, so while I was on the 10mg, I didn't really notice a huge difference with my skin. I got a small breakout around my jaw line, the spots already on my skin got a bit red-er and my skin got a little oilier around my t-zone and on the tops of my cheeks. Oh, and if I haven't mentioned (which I don't think I have) I already have pretty oily skin to start with.

The skin underneath my eyebrows started to get pretty damn dry around day 10 or so. And by dry I mean, it was pealing and flaky and raw looking. Moisturizer was a huge pain to put on there because it would stink when applied first.

Another thing was that my legs would get very tired. I have quite a long trek into university in the mornings because I don't want to spend money on a bus. Unfortunately, it was like my bones got sore or something after around 15 minutes of a pretty fast walk (I don't speed walk or anything, but it isn't the normal pace anyway). This continued from around the 2nd day until around the 13th day or so. Now, I still get it on occasion but only if I have walked for about 30 minutes. Sometimes, my arms wound tense up too, but only for a minute. And my eyes would get tired too or out of focus. Now, I wear glasses anyway so this is quite annoying.

Once I upped my dosage to 20mg, I didn't notice any real change at first. The area around my eyes got slightly drier, the rate that I got new pimples seemed to slow a bit and the pains in my legs seemed to calm. I tend to get pretty tired in the evenings, like around 10 or so (right when I do my best work ). But other than that, there wasn't much of a change.

Now, on day 20, at around 10 o'clock, I looked in the mirror for like the first time since the morning and I noticed that my face looked a hell of a lot drier than usual. Once I washed all the makeup and everything off my face, I noticed a bit of flaking around my mouth, on my cheek and on my forehead. Now, to the touch, my skin didn't seem that much drier than before but it definitely looked it. So, I slapped on more moisturizer than normal. Oh, and my lips have cracked slightly in the middle. Again, the don't necessarily feel drier, but they look it.

This morning, again there was some flaking patches. I still have a lot of pretty bright red marks from scarring all over my face and still some active spots going on. So, there hasn't been any dramatic changes in that way at all. My lips were dry this morning, they felt it too which was new to me. My eyelids were very flaky too.

I'll try post often now, maybe a weekly or daily update if I have time. I'll post a blog about what products I am using soon enough (maybe even today), we will see. But that pretty much sums up what has happened so far. I'm looking forward to getting this first month of roaccutance finished! I'm glad I started it now before it gets too sunny outside. Anyway, I will update ye all laters!!


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