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Post Accutane Update And Regimen Results



Well, I decided to do a post about my progress post accutane. I have had my treatment almost 3 years ago. While on it, I had the most wonderful skin, even though i've had pigmentation all over my face. After I finished my course, exactly in 1 month, my preaccutane skin returned, it was depressing and bad. To top it off my hair was falling like I've had a chemo therapy….. At that point I tried everything there was to try on my skin….so what's next. I decided to give dan's regimen a go; i was a bit sceptical because I have used BP before and it never worked. Within 6 months of using regimen my skin transformed, although oily as before, my skin is clear. Fast forward 2 years, my pigmentation faded to such an extent that I do not need to use make up. I have very white, pale skin and i never thought my pigmentation will ever fade away but it did (took 3 years). I do not use BP in the amounts dan suggests because I need not much now to keep my skin clear. I do not get acne at all and it is very liberating. I have scarring which is visible but I am used to it and it does not bother me at all. I feel my scars no longer a problem because overall skin looks even in tone. I used AHA, not religiously, but it might have helped. I never thought it possible to not use make up and walk outside barefaced. I used to have such bad acne people would verbally abuse me on streets and children's parents would advise me to hide at home with 'that' face. I believe my cat sometimes did not recognise me when I would get covered with all sorts of acne all over my face for months….it was looking at me distressed and surprised,lol I've had acne since 12 y.o. and I am 36 now…… it was a very long journey to recovery but it was worth it:) I survived depression, self-harm and human abuse for years and somehow it all changed. Maybe accutane did a good job, maybe dan's regimen was the miracle formula for me or it might be I've just grown out of acne….but somehow I have a beautiful skin now. I do not put anything non-organic on my face except BP. I am vegetarian (eat fish). I have type 1 diabetes and it is very well controlled. I do not smoke but I do drink a glass of wine occasionally. I hope and wish all people who suffer acne or other skin condition find a cure which suits them. Never stop dreaming and making steps towards your dreams because of acne. Be creative in solving your problems:) Do not despair or give up. I wish you all well and I hope you find answers and cures to what ails you. :)


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