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Accutane-Week 8 (2 Months!) - Be Patient



I have reached the 2 month hurdle... and over it we go. I am still staying positive and fighting with myself daily to be patient :)

I admit, I am very surprised by the length of time it is taking for the healing and clearing to begin. I assumed that because my acne wasn't very bad to begin with that I would be glowing by now. I understand that the whole idea of this medication is to change your skin starting from the inside and moving outwards; while pushing everything to the surface before it starts to clear. I cannot believe how bad it got. Its true what they say, it does get worst before it gets better. WAY worst. I have never in my life seen my face so badly broken out before. It was/is just the one side, as its always been (hormonal), with a small breakout on the other side.

This is where patience comes in. I still count the days, as I always have but as I said in week 7, you have to stay positive.

I feel as though I am making some progress and it does appear that something good may be happening soon. The spots seem to be drying out, itching and fading. The redness is still prominent and there does seem to be a few small spots that come to a white head but then quickly go away. I am still afraid to say that its working because I honestly cannot jinx this. I do not let myself get excited, not yet. Its still only the second month and the majority of the posts I have read seem to note that results are not really seen till months 3-6. Again, I know, its different for everyone but I just cannot let my hopes up just yet.

I know what you're thinking... how can she preach being positive? I am, and always will have a positive attitude towards this and I cannot let myself down or let it get the best of me. I refuse to be depressed to leave my house and face the world. All I am saying is that I am not ready to let my guard down and admit progress until I actually see more progress than what I have seen.

*Symptoms have remained the same and I feel very fortunate to have had very few: dry lips, dry eyes, dry face.

Here's to hoping for the light at the end of the tunnel, to not looking at my face in the reflection of a steak knife, to feeling confident in the daylight, here's to moving through to week 9

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Hang in there!!!

I totally understand what you are going through. With my first course of Accutane, it took my face until the end of the 3rd month to clear up. The end of the 4th month my entire face was 100% clear. I think it all depends how severe your acne is and I had pretty severe acne on my cheek area, so it took that a little longer to clear up. So keep your head up and know that it will get better! It just takes time.

I love your attitude by the way. I struggled with staying positive when I was dealing with my initial break out. So, I really admire you for that! :)

Praying for you.

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