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My Trip To The Derm



I was so anxious and stressed for no reason. I forgot how wonderful my derm is. I feel like she actually listened. Because my skin is so sensitive and she didn't see any active pimples today (I'm having a good day), she prescribed me Finacea, a natural ish cream to help with redness, which is really my main problem. She said it can take up to 4 months to start to see improvement, but as long as its gentle, I really don't mind.

I asked her if it could be hormonal because its just so strange that it popped up again all of a sudden. She agreed it was strange, and said it can be related to coming off birth control. She thinks it could be PCOS and the pill had gotten rid of the cysts and now a year later they have grown back. She said if my cycle continues to be 35 days or more, she would run some blood tests. I'm not growing any abnormal facial hair or chest hair, so I guess she just wants to wait to run more tests.

I asked my mother if she had ever had PCOS. She said no, but she's had cysts over the years, so I made an appointment with my family physician to see if she'll let me get an ultrasound done. It wouldn't hurt, and then I'd at least have an answer to that question. I really think this is the likely cause, because when I mentioned to my derm that I get migraines at very specific times in my cycle (day 15-17), she said that sounds like ovulation migraines, which is common, but I've had migraines all my life and never have I had ovulation migraines. It seems strange to have them appear all of a sudden.

My derm also said it could not be acne at all, but some sort of dermatitis. The place I get the most acne is around my mouth and chin, which is a common site for something dermatitis. I don't remember the something part lol. If it is that, the Finacea cream will help with that anyway.

Phew. I feel so relieved. I feel hopeful.


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