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Day 3 On Acne.org Regimen



I received the regimen early on Saturday, March 7th! I was super pumped to get this started. I had a busy weekend, but took photos on Sunday, March 8th and will post photos here.

My first impression of the products is they are very high quality and I can feel the difference from other products that I've used. The first day, I decided to use one pump of BP during the day and another one at night. I was a little worried that it would dry my face out but so far it hasn't yet. I have already been using another BP 2.5% product for a month now and I believe that's why it hasn't been too bad yet, but we shall see in the next coming weeks. Sunday night I decided to to use the BP, AHA and moisturizer together. I woke up today and I feel like it smoothed my skin and dried out some of my existing acne or maybe it's all in the my head. Today I decided to not put BP on my face to give it a little break, but I will use it tonight. A few spots that were showing acne last week has already gone away, I'm really excited for that and I hope that things continue to progress.

Oh, I forgot to add I also started taking Turmeric orally, three times a day. My friend gave me a bottle, she said it helped to keep her acne free.

Here are my photos from Sunday, March 8th, Day 2 of the acne.org Regimen. I took them after I showered, sorry I'm a little scruffy.


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