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Day 21 - Getting A Handle On Things



Hey guys! Long time, no see. I've been traveling for work, so no time to keep updated until now. Here's where I am now. Had a breakout about 5 days ago (a normal one), and now am starting to clear up again. So far my acne is about the same as it was before I started, maybe a little better.

But my skin is definitely starting to change. I had combo skin, and now I have dry skin. My skin used to be an oil slick by the end of the day, and now there's no oil. Even though it's dry and a little flakey, I appreciate knowing my makeup will stay in place all day and I won't be a greaseball. Which by the way, I've had to change makeup. My matte makeup made my skin look old and terrible, so now I'm trying Physician's Formula BB cream. It's pretty good, but I may invest in something better soon. The BB cream keeps my skin dewey and moist, and also is a sunblock. I'm happy with it for now.

My skin and lips aren't in bad shape, even though they are dry, because I've learned how to change my skin routine and find products that help with dryness. I stopped washing my face twice a day and now only wash it in the evening. I'm constantly using Blistex (lips only), Aquaphor, hemp oil, and Cetaphil moisturizer on my skin. I make sure to layer it on thick too.

I stopped washing my hair with shampoo so much, because now I have dandruff and a really itchy scalp. I can't stand not to take a shower every day, so now I'm just conditioning my hair and only using shampoo every other day. I may even switch to only shampooing every 2 days if the dandruff doesn't clear up soon, but we'll see. This journey is all about trial-and-error to deal with your changing skin. I always use dandruff shampoo anyway (controls my scalp psoriasis), so I think it was just the dryness causing the dandruff.

Still no more joint pain or aches, irritability, or fatigue after those first few days I started Accutane. My headaches are less frequent and only a twinge of one will appear if I haven't drank enough water. DON'T DRINK ALCOHOL!!! I had one beer and had a headache the next day and felt dehydrated. So not worth it. If I'm going out with friends to bars, I'll just drink Red Bull so at least I feel something. I'm able to wear my contacts again because I put eyedrops in 4 times a day... drinking enough water helps A LOT with dry eyes. Still need to take fiber or drink coffee to move things along, bathroom-wise.

That's it for now. Blood test is tomorrow and dermatologist appointment is next week. Hoping everything is ok. Can't believe I've been on Accutane for 3 weeks! I'm hoping this is as bad as it's going to get as far as side effects go and that there is no long-term effects. I feel pretty normal and like my body has mostly adjusted to the medication. No regrets, so far, and it honestly hasn't been that horrible to be on it (knock on wood).

edit: ok, my skin does look better. It's been so gradual I haven't noticed until I decided to update my gallery. :D Check out my gallery for a comparison.


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