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Day 1

So, I decided to start a new regiment since acne decided first to ruin my life. I'm struglling with it for a long while now (since late 2010) with ups and downs, periods of bad skin and periods of totally clear skin. I've tried A LOT of things. Many worked but would stop working after a while. Antibiotics (doxy - sadly I became immune to it-, mino - even more sadly I became allergic to it-), lotions, creams, supplements, diet. I did not take the Accutane road tho (even if I did in the past and it worked like magic, but I was 19 back then and now Im almost 33) and, truly, I am very afraid to take it. BP (Indoxyl in my country, bp 5% & clyndamycin 10%) works okay but.. it makes my skin awful and the monthly cysts appear to be more powerful than it. Still, I am using it. And moisturize with Effaclar Mat by La Roche - Posay (I love this moisturiser, one of the very few that does not break me out). Thing is, I realized I'm getting old. Which means, my skin looks even worse with acne. The marks seem to linger for months on my face and the depressed scars even longer (thankfully they fill up with time, in like a year or so I am free of any possible deeper scar). Hence, I decided to add tretinoin to my regiment. God, help me, I am so scared of the initial flare up. So scared. But I hope for the best. If anyone who had been through the same can help with an advice or a word of encouragement, please, do so. It will be soooo much appreciated!

My regiment thus far was...

Morning: Wash face with water, wear little make up

Night: Demake up, wash face with cetaphil, mask (argile or soda), wash, add Indoxyl, moisturise

Supplements: Zinc (60mg), Eviol a (1 tablet - 25,000 units of vitamin a and 50 mg of vitamin e)

I am going to apply airol (tretinoin) at night instead of Indoxyl (bp) and apply the latter on the mornings before make up. Of course, moisturiser will follow both.

I am not sure what to expect. Hopefully the best I can get. I have taken pictures of my poor face but not feeling very confident to show them in public yet. I think my face looks horrid and truth is atm there is only a tiny cyst active (I'm expecting my period in 3 days) but the marks are absolutely scary.

Pray for me and my face,

''Camille Stefanie''


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