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Derm On Monday!



I'm SO excited to see my derm on Monday. I'm sure this is too much information, but I think its pertinent so I'm gonna say it anyway. My period was almost 4 days late this time around. I have pretty regular cycles, average 31 days, never longer that 32. This time around it was 35. Not danger zone, but still not normal. If I didn't have any other body changes, I would probably ignore it and pass it off as nothing, but I have other symptoms, as you know if you have read past posts. So I will make my derm aware of this on Monday.

I will stand my ground and refuse topicals! This is not an external problem, its internal. I want to find the cause, not just treat the symptoms. I know my body better than anyone and something is not right. If she can't help me the way I want to be helped, I will find another derm. I live in a big city, I'm sure I can find a derm to run the tests I know need to be run.

I normally am not like this. Normally, if a doctor hands me a pill, I just take it and don't question it. More often than not, they are right and my problem is solved. I totally respect doctors and I totally respect my derm, I just feel like I'm being ignored and I want someone to listen and work with me to help my acne.

I'm not stupid and I've done plenty of my own research into acne. Not saying I know more than my derm, just saying I'm not walking into this blindly.

Anyway, I'll update after my appointment.


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