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2Nd Course Of Accutane (Day 50) Finished Treatment Part Ii



So it's been two months and a half since i've broken up! As many may already know i took accutane, started my own regimine due to harsh side effects and eventually ended.

I realized i still have 10 pills left, so i think i will take 5 on April and 5 on May. I already saw my dermatologist last week and she stopped my treatment but i don't think taking 5-5 in two months will do any harm correct? Hope not. Gotta prepare for summer.,..

yup, summer! What is up with the sebaceous glands and summer! I know i will most certainly be oily, hopefully not as bad as before but still oil returned this first time i took accutane and since i only took 50 days of pills it's likely yo return.

Who know's what's gonna happen, funny how my cheeks are still a bit scaly though, but it has been a very cold winter in the northeast, perhaps that has helped me not break up for weeks now.

Oh yes and i forgot to mention, i have gained 15 lbs while on accutane!!! Don't know if it was the accutane but i've never been this fat before. I used to be 154lbs most of my life, now i'm 169 lbs. Well time to hit a sport. Peace.


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I hope Accutane do help you to get rid of acne problems. I didn't have luck with Accutane or Retin A. I was an acne sufferer too. Have a good day!

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