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Accutane-Week 7: Stay Positive



I have surprised myself. I never thought that I would remain as positive as I have been in the past couple of weeks. Although my last entry made me appear to have been very depressed and impatient with the progress I did remain and have remained it seems to have stayed positive.

I get up and go everyday. No matter how I feel, no matter what is staring back at me from the mirror, I still go. I go to work-everyday. I go out on the weekends to see friends. Its all mental and I push myself everyday to NEVER give up.

Of course I still hide my acne with makeup, look in every reflective surface I can to check for progress and watch for lighting it certain rooms (its an absolute obsession!) I still count the days since I've started taking the medication and I still get impatient with myself but I still remain positive. You have to.

So its been almost two months already. I have seen my acne at the absolute worst its ever been in my life. I guess its the medication working. Hopefully. My face keeps changing from very dry, to almost peeling/flaking, drying out spots and then back to feeling moisturized. The right side is still taking a very long time to heal. There are spots that have been there for over a month now. They are drying out it seems and sometimes they peel? Its odd. I will get a spot come to a white head and then it almost flakes off.. that's if I don't pick it. I know. Do NOT pick your face.. and I have.. I have also regretted it after the fact. I have noticed that if you just wait, even a day, it just dries out or comes off.

I don't have any new symptoms. I still have the extremely dry lips, have had that since the first week. I'm still using eye drops for dry, red eyes. I haven't had the nosebleeds that I had in the beginning. My hands did start to get very dry, and were red and sort of bumpy but I started using Aveeno hand cream and it went away.

And on I go...

Stay positive

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I LOVE your attitude. Acne is as much mental as it is physical so your attitude will make the journey that much easier.

Keep on keeping on

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