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2 Weeks Off Epuris



Just a quick check in. I'm surprised with how quickly time flies -- can you believe it's already been 14 days since I've quit my Epuris treatment? Woah.

I feel amazing. My eating habits are back to normal (hehe or my version of normal - AKA hungry 24/7), and even though I'm still struggling to go out more and not be at home all day, I've been feeling so so so much better.

Having a healthy apetite and lack of nausea really has a huge impact on one's mental state. It's just so nice to be me again.

My skin is looking good too, all praises to God. With help from Aczone and the Glaxal Base cream, my skin is just so nice! I still have some bumps and red spots here and there, but most of my scars have disappeared! For the first time since puberty, I have nice skin again! It's been such a long battle, and I'm really happy with my current results. I just hope that my skin will continue to defeat the remaining blemishes, so I can have baby smooth skin again.

Even though I didn't finish my Epuris treatment (and wasted $70 worth of it that I didn't get to use), I'm happy with my decision to quit. It was just getting too hard and my grades were starting to suffer. Now I'm trying to do some damage control on my grades. Wish me luck!


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