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Day 20 - Ordered Acne.org Regimen



I just broke out a whole bunch the last week...pissed me off...my skin is really oily too from the medication...I think the Retin-A. So I said f*uck it and I ordered the acne.org regimen. I've read so many people with great results and pretty fast compared to the Retin-A and Acanya combo. I really don't feel like waiting 3 months to see if this Rx combo will work, although probably cheaper if it does. I will continue to use the Rx combo until my acne.org shipment gets here.

When it does I will reset my day to 1 with the regimen.


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Just so you know, it can take 3-4 months for acne.org to work so you may want to give your current regimen that amout of time so that you can cross it off your list. It took me almost four months on the regimen to get clear

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Thank you, I realize it could take longer, but I really don't like the Retin-A, it made my skin really oily and sensitive to sunlight. Living in San Diego and being very active with hiking and surfing makes it a difficult combo.

I plan to stick to the acne.org regimen as long as it takes to clear up.

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I was acne sufferer too. Doctor prescribed me Retin A and Accutane but it made me acne condition even worse. I had to put thick concealer to hide my bad acne. But now I am clear of acne. I believe Retin A or Accutane are good for acne sufferers but not all of them. Hope your acne condition is getting better. :)

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