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Hello to whoever is reading this blog!

I started taking Diane 35 and Spiro both on the same day over a month ago. Since then, I have been spending a lot of time here posting my concerns as well as reading about other people's experiences. Since I was posting almost every week, I figured I should just start my own blog so I can track my progress as well.

Since I don't wanna retype everything I've written in my posts, I will just copy-paste most of them In order. :-)

About me:

- I am 30 years old, female and prone to cystic acne. Since taking Accutane 10 years ago I would only get a cyst or two every few months.

- I was on Althea birth control for the last 4 years which couod be the reason why I stayed clear, instead of the Accutane.

- I stopped the BC pills several months ago which probably messed us my hormones because I am now getting new deep cysts more frequently

- I am now back on BC and trying Spiro for the first time. Got both over the counter since they don't need prescription where I live.


1. Spiro is a diuretic so I've definitely been going to the bathroom more. As a result, I get thirsty more often as well so I'm definitely making sure that I drink more water on a regular basis.

2. I'm not sure if it's the BC pills or the Spiro but my appetite has increased as well! I haven't noticed any gain weight or anything, but I get serious hunger pangs around mealtimes.

3. The TWO pre-Sprio cysts on my chin have improved, but mostly because I got them injected at the derm's. The other one is completely flat but left a dark mark. The deeper one though is still a small lump under my skin. It's invisible when I cover i with a concealer, but when I wash my face, I can definitely still feel it there. I'm not sure if it's in the healing process or if it needs another cortisone shot.

4. I think I'm experiencing the initial breakout right now but it's really not as bad as I was afraid of. I have one regular pimple between my eyebrows and another one right IN THE MIDDLE of my right eyebrow. Sweet, huh? They're barely obvious and don't really bother me, except that they're at the painful stage. But I'll take 2 regular small pimples over a cyst any day!

5. I also had a couple of whiteheads grow on my chin. One is still there but the other one cleared out. Nothing to worry about in my opinion. They are literally just whiteheads that go away after several days.

6. After a week on Spiro and Diane, one thing I definitely noticed is that my face is MUCH LESS OILY. I know because I use those oil blotting sheets throughout the day. Before I can use two whole sheets after 3-4 hours because my skin was so oily. But now I only need ONE sheet to blot all the oil after the same number of hours--and I don't even use the whole sheet.


So, update on Day 17 of my Spiro journey. Unfortunately, I had a couple of zits appear over the weekend. Two small ones on the corner of my mouth just on my lower cheek, which I found weird since I never break out in that spot. Not too bothersome since they are really small and can easily be covered (thank goodness for BB cream!). But when I touch them they feel like a mosquito bite since it's a bit swollen under the skin. Other than that, the only issue is that pre-spiro deep cyst that I mentioned earlier. It definitely got small after the cortisone shot but it's still there. Arrrg!


Day 32 of my Diane 35 and Spiro journey: Well, I think I spoke too soon about my initial breakout being minor. Since my last entry, things have taken a turn for the worse. :-(

The two small pimples on the corner of my mouth grew into full-blown cysts! One was so big that it looked like the surface of a marble under my skin, like I just had a tooth taken out or something. It was swollen and PAINFUL as all hell. Aside from that, I had another big pimple show up between my eyebrows. I went to see a new dermatologist to have them injected with cortisone. Interestingly, he said he doesn't give cortisone injections. He's a German doctor who believes that cortisone shots offer temporary relief but can actually damage your skin in the long run. He said what he can do for me was drain the cysts and then put me on antibiotics.

And so I spent Valentine's Day having my cysts extracted with laser. Even the derm was surprised at how much pus was inside the cysts. Sorry, gross I know! He drained 3 in total, and told me I have to put ichthammol ointment on them for at least 3 whole days. I literally spent 3 days going to work with a bandage on my lower cheek. The one between my eyebrows completely flattened, BUT spawned 2 smaller pimples that are just NOT coming to a head. I am putting ichthammol on them every night as well, but so far, they wouldn't budge. This is so frustrating. 2 days ago I went back to the derm but he just told me to put freaking benzoyl peroxide on it. Maybe he felt like they weren't serious enough to drain (unlike the first huge ones).

So right now I am on Diane 35, 100 mg of Spiro and 300mg doxycycline a day (derm doesn't know I am taking spiro). But I am yet to see results from all my pill-popping. Sorry for venting on here.


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