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Week 2-Regimen And Products



Well, I feel like my skin is getting better, but its also the week before my period when my skin normally does get better anyway so its not really reliable. I'm still getting a new pimple every day, and today I got what I can only assume is a cyst from the pain and ache. I'm going to ask on the forum because I've never gotten anything like it before. I've had painful deep pimples before they come to a head, but this one has come to a head and I can still feel the pain in my bone.

I saw my doctor on Wednesday this week and she's referred me to my dermatologist. I don't know how it works in the rest of Canada and the US, but in Ontario, at least at my clinic, if I haven't been to see the dermatologist in over a year I need a new referral letter to see her. I had to see my doctor about my migraines anyway, so it wasn't a complete waste of time. I'm going to stick to my guns, no harsh chemical topicals and no birth control pills! She might give me antibiotics, which I'll take at this point. I take a probiotic daily anyway.

So, I just want to outline my regimen and the products I use. Its pretty much the same in the AM and PM with just a slight difference.


Cleanse with JES Organics Clear Skin Cleanser with Vitamin C & MSM http://www.jescollection.com/boclskacskcl.html

Tone with JES Organics Organic Infused Clear Skin Treatment Toner


Treat with Neostrata Clarifying Lotion (5% SAP, 2% Niacinamide)


Treat/Moisturize with Camellia Care EGCg Green Tea Skin Cream


Moisturize with Acne.org's Moisturizer and 3 drops jojoba oil

PM only

Every other night I exfoliate with JES Organics Natural Organic Infused Botanical Exfoliant with Raspberry, Cranberry & Bamboo


And on nights I don't exfoliate, I use Acne.org's AHA mixed with my moisturizer and jojoba oil.

I take supplements in the AM for general health and ones specific to acne in PM.


Shaklee Vitalizer with Iron



Shaklee Zinc Complex (1 tab)


Shaklee Vita-E 400 Plus (1 tab)


Shaklee CarotoMax (1 tab)


And finally makeup. I use Almay Smart Shade Foundation and Cover Up. Nice and easy.

I'll try and upload some week 2 pictures when I get the chance.


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