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Doxycycline + Differin/cylindamycin/benzac



Today mark the 15th day into my doxycycline cycle.

Just a small introduction, I am 28 years old female and had a sudden massive breakout last year Nov and continue till now.

Underwent blue light therapy, chemical peeling and trying various cream, all these just dont work.

I was free from whitehead and pimple for a short period of time, then boom!! They came out again and again...

Out of frustration, I decided to ask my doctor to prescribe me with antibiotics.

What I can say now, these drug cause a very messy breakout on me since end of week 1 of the antibiotic course.

Reading through various blogs and reviews, I guess it was some initial breakout.

Those breakout was red and inflammed with no head on my cheeks, chin and jawline.

I started off with differin for my jawline area, hoping to clear the inflammed pops on the jawline.

It did work off slowly to dry off some old pimple marks.

As for those pops on my cheeks, I used cylindamycin. I have very sensitive skin, using any other cream caused redness.

It work slowly but steadily. It was not as inflammed as it was during the first few days of my breakout. But it is still red.

For Benzac 2.5%, I used it on my forehead. As the skin there wasn't as sensitive as my cheek and chin area. I still did not see any result from it.

In summary, I hope the medicine work its way up. Hoping with all those cream, it can clear off those inflamed pop soonest. It is depressing, as you are not able to put on make up. As those bump still shows up.

Cheer for me!


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Hope doxycycline works for you. I used to take tetracycline in my teenage years looking back it did help some. But the problem I'm having now for (doxycycline) is that I believe its not effective any longer. It also throws off everything in mybody iI believe it caused a yeast over growth in my body. So I stopped taking it. I am currently on metformin (for Pcos) and BC pills and can say its helped. Not %100 percent flawless but more moderate now. Also I found maybe lines new Bb fresh the greenish blue one.. it contains salicilic acid comparable to smash boxes more than primer which is 4x the price or more.. good luck to u..

P.s. I also use witch hazel through out the day its a natural cleanser which helps the bacteria from infecting your skin which is how acne develops. Hope this helped :)

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I am currently in the 23rd day of antibiotic.

Well... what I can say is that the result is very much like a roller coaster.

Today your skin looks clear in the morning and ta-dah... in the evening, you realise more zits popping out. I just went to see my derma yesterday, he told me he thinks I look better.

*My jaw drop* I seriously thinking he is kidding. Well, he just ask me to continue to second month.

Since there are many of them saying that it takes 1 month at least for the drug to really kick in. What I can do is to wait patiently.

I tried BCP before for a few days and i got pretty bad side effect from it and thus stop it.

What I can pray that the antibiotic really can start to kick in soon!

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I was acne sufferer too, having big red pimples on jawline, cheeks, forehead. I have spent tons of money on almost every product. Retin A, Accutane didn't work for me, it actually made my acne condition worse. Everyday I had to wear thick concealer. Finally I got my face clear of acne. Hope those creams works for your acne. :)

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Hi Lizzy315,

How you manage to clear those acne?

Nope, I am not going into Accutane. The side effect from it seems to be too much.

I am currently in the 27th days of Doxycycline.

Hope to see the result soon!

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