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Im Back! :) Feb,25,2015



Long time no talk~ Everyone.

Well, nothing really changed with my face, still breaks out whenever i eat chocolate(just finished eating some M&M's[#mybad]). Oh! I've been working on my diet, like getting rid of sweets and all that jazz that causes my acne. Um, also i switched to Nivea Moisturizer. My face still gets Really REALLY dry if i dont wear moisturizer. Still kinda using the regimen(On terrible breakouts).

Soon i'm getting new acne treatments( not the regimen) but like other stuff from India to help.. So im excited to try it out. Hopefully it works. :)

Next time i see u guys, i will show yallz mah' face~ not this time. Lazy to upload one.

Until then, God Bless :)


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Hope the new stuff will clear up your face. God Bless :)

Hey! Thanks for the comment. I appreciate it! :) The Medicine still didn't come in, it will take a while.. maybe a couple more months. :D God Bless you as well. May you have a Blessed Day! :D:)

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