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2Nd Course Of Accutane (Day 50) Finished Treatment



Hello cool people,

I have good news and bad news ...

It's been a month and a half since i posted and i FINALLY went to see my dermatologist....

So today could have my 3 months and 3 weeks on accutane, or roughly 115th day on accutane but instead the past four months since i started accutane i have been taking accutane whenever i can and wanted. I did my firs tmonth straight 30 days of pills and my last 2nd month i dispersed it taking an average of 10 pills/ month. Of course this wasn't my doctor's regimine or treatment, because of harsh side effects i took it upon myself. Yesterday my Doctor said....

The Bad News:

My doctor OFFICIALLY stopped me on Accutane.I told her that this second time around the side effects were much harsher, my skin was beyong dry, scaly despite moisturizer, and my lips were so swollen like i had botox, also it itched so badly around my lips, turning very red. SHE SAID it was okay, that some people experience much worse symptoms, but that if i stopped taking accutane i should have told her immediately as this drug is very closely monitored by the government.

She then started a regimen for me and prescribed me differin for use once a day. I heard of Differin, i wonder if it works. Doctor said my skin chemistry is different now and all anti-acne topical treatment will work more.

The Good News:

I haven't broken out in over two months! Maybe these 50 days of pills will do the trick, the first time i took accutane i broke up 3 weeks to finishing my 5-month accutane treatment, which i took religiously going not one day without missing a pill. After a 6 months acne returned and after 2-3 years all hell broke lose again. Hopefully now it has much better long term results.

Finally, after two months i have seen oil return though. So much so that when i touch my face after a long day, i can see oil residue. It's not bad but considering how dry it was while on accutane it's kinda alarming. Hmmm. I don't know. Well i'll check in at acne.org once or twice a month with some updates on Differin and post accutane posts. PEACE.


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