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Day 9 - Headache Free!



Hey guys! Since I had been having headaches every single day since I started Accutane (mild ones that would last for the majority of the day), I ended up calling my doctor yesterday and leaving a message with the nurse.

The nurse called me back today and said that it was a common side effect when you first start Accutane, and not to worry if they're mild. But my doctor is going to closely monitor my headaches over the course of my treatment, and will ask me a lot of questions about them during my 1 month appointment in a couple of weeks. If they get very bad, I have to stop Accutane. Let's hope that doesn't happen!

This phone call really reassured me that my doctor is watching out for me and my brain isn't going to explode.

Ironically, I didn't have any headaches today. First day of being headache free. :D I hope I don't have any more, because they suck. *knocks on wood again* I recommend taking the amount of water you normally drink and tripling it! I'm drinking over 60 ounces of water a day, and I'm a small human. This really seemed to help with any body aches and the general blah feeling I was experiencing last week. The water probably helped my headaches too.

Besides that, my lips are getting more chapped, and skin feels a little tighter and drier. The dryness is making my makeup look pretty bad. I have two cysts, one on each side of my chin that are coming to a head. I can't wait to start really seeing results!


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