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Things I'm Going To Try



Hi All,

In this post I will detail some of the things I am going to try to use to heal my acne. I'll try to include info about studies, etc. or links where I can.

First, what I have tried in the past in breif:

Conventional: Birth control (ortho tri clyclen & yasmin), doxycyclene, minocyclene, duac, finacea, aczone, prescription sulfer washes, benzoyl peroxide, retinoids, accutane (had to end course at 5 weeks due to eye side effects) proactiv, sal acid, glycolic acid, clarisonic brush

Natural: strict paleo diet, vegan & vegetatian diets, gluen-free, extreme elimination diets, eliminating dairy and sugar, honey masks, dead sea salts, homeopathy, gut repair, apple cider vinegar, chaste tree berry, evening primrose oil, fish oil, b vitamins, cod liver oil, yoga, hot yoga, lots of excercise programs omg so many things that didn't do ******* but make me nuts and cost a lot!

what I use now: neutrogena oil free acne wash am, 2% sal 10% glycolic acid wash at night, topical retinoid at night, fish oil and multivitamin. pretty minimal and not enough, really, so I'm going to expand on this.

I have hormonal acne mostly on my chin.

I recently moved and have gotten into some bad habits in my new home here in ireland, namely drinking too much yummy Guiness, having too much cadbury's, not exercising enough and having lots of tea with milk and sugar, as you do here.

Two switches I've made in the past few weeks are walking to work instead of taking the bus (about 1 hour a day total of walking) and swapping my tea with milk and sugar for green tea without sweetener in the mornings. I've also been drinking spearmint tea for the past few weeks. I have been quite bad about having tea with milk and sugar a few times during the work day though since my coworkers all break for tea and its' been fun. I will try bringing some green tea bags with me to work to see if that helps me stay on track.

I have also had problems with my blood sugar even though I am young and thin, which I think is definitely connected to my acne. I've tested on the very edge of prediabetes, once on a fasting glucose test and once on a AG1 test (long term blood sugar performance test). This is pretty worrying to me as a health issue overall since I don't want to get diabetes, obviously! And I am at extra risk because my father has type 2 despite being fit and my grandfather had late-onset type 1. I think if I can get my blood sugar under control my acne might improve as well as my overall diabetes risk. I've considered that I might have PCOS but I really don't have any symptoms other than acne and some sugar control issues (no irregular periods, excess hair, weight gain, or anything like that). I definitely have insulin resistance though due to my high (for a healthy person) blood sugar.

Ok, sorry that was long. Here is what I am planning to try:

Green tea. This convinced me: http://www.acneeinstein.com/3-ways-green-tea-treats-acne/

Acne Einstein is a really good resource for alternative acne treatment looked at with a scientific mind.

My goal is 3 cups per day with high-quality loose tea leaves, which makes such a big difference in both flavor and effectiveness.

Spearmint tea: I've already been having 2 cups per day. I've tried to be as scientific about it as possible following the model of a Turkish study that found that it dramatically reduced androgens (acne-causing male hormones) in women who drank 2 cups with 1 teaspoon loose spearmint brewed for 5 mins 2x a day.

Zinc: dan and acne einstein both have good, scientifically backed explanations of why zinc is helpful for acne. I'm going to get some zinc next time I see a heath food shop. It is supposed to be inexpensive and quite harmless.

Excercise: I'm going to try to commit to running again now that my sneakers and workout clothes have finally made it over on the slow shipping boat and its light out for a while after I get back from work. This is supposed to help get rid of "visceral fat" around the organs that "skinny fat" people have, and I think i might be a "skinny fat" person given my blood sugar problems. I also tested for slightly high cholesterol once though its been normal since, which also makes me think I might have some visceral fat going on since I am 25 and only weigh 50kg (110 lbs).

This was a good article about that


This had some good ideas but nothing was backed up. I will research it more.


Good resources on reducing insulin resistance: http://www.chatelaine.com/health/diet/seven-easy-tips-to-reduce-insulin-and-lose-belly-fat/

This one is similar: http://rosieschwartz.com/2013/07/24/five-top-foods-to-boost-insulin-sensitivity/

Sorry this is a bit of a jumble it is mostly for my own reference.

I will update soon.


Wow we actually sound eerily similar. I'm 23 and probably around the same weight. I'm pretty sure I have hormonal acne. I've also considered PCOS, but like you I don't have any of the symptoms. I've also considered insulin resistance but never been tested. I have definitely had some blood sugar problems recently. I work at an animal clinic so when I was having one of my episodes I used the glucometer there and tested my blood sugar level. It was kinda low considering I had just eaten. Anyway, I am seeing my doctor on Wednesday and plan to discuss all of this with her. I love Acne Einstein. I started my own blog "Trying Natural" and got a lot if not all of my ideas of things to try from him. I'm definitely going to follow your blog.

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