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Intro-New Blog



Hi guys,

I'm back with a new blog. After my failed attempt at an Accutane course and a lot of soul-searching, I'm attempting to use a combination of low-risk, proven conventional treatments and clinically researched alternative treatments to try to clear my acne.

I have already tried a LOT of treatments, ranging from the conventional to the hippie to the kind-of-crazy, and have had various degrees of success. However I still have not found a long-term solution I can tolerate or I wouldn't be here.

I have also suffered greatly trying to cure my acne and have decided that I am no longer willing to risk my overall health for my skin's appearance. I have developed severe migraines and increased stroke risk on Yasmin, had a reaction to the sun and hurt my digestive system with antibiotics, and have had ongoing issues with eye dryness since a bout of eye eczema while taking Accutane. I also tried many acne diets and natural treatments which left me paranoid, isolated, and sad.

The title of the blog relates to a phrase I read in an old book that struck me. I had found an old book on women's beauty from the 60s and was interested in what beauty treatments were like half a century ago. I was struck by the fact that a lot of the advice was still perfectly solid (don't touch your skin, drink lots of water, eat healthy foods, use high-quality products) but also that there was both a long-and-short term approach to beauty. It is equally as important to look nice for your day as it is to take care of your appearance in the long term.

It sounds vain, but we are all here because we want to look better. Being confident in your appearance can help you gain confidence in other areas of your life, like career, relationships, and your social life, which can lead to greater satisfaction overall.

While its sad that our outward appearance counts for so much, it's just a fact of the world we live in and we have to make the best of it. Kudos to those who don't give a damn, you are awesome, but probably not wasting time combing acne.org :)

I'll be combining two approaches to "taking my beauty seriously," which I think is much more holistic than "taking my acne seriously," which has only made me crazy in the past.

1) Taking more care with my daily appearance overall. That means putting an effort into my clothing and hair as well as not guilting myself about using makeup to cover breakouts. I've gone makeup-free or used minimal makeup in the past to try to let my skin breathe, but it never made a big difference and I think for me, using good makeup to cover up and face the day really helps my attitude to life. I also tend to dress poorly and not style my hair when my skin is bad because I feel like I look crappy anyways and there's no point, but I'm going to try to remedy that.

2) Taking a holistic and carefully considered approach to overall health and beauty. I'll be trying some natural remedies with clinical evidence and also using some conventional treatments, mostly topicals. I will not be splashing out tons of cash on unproven supplements or trying restrictive diets like I used to, but trying to improve my overall lifestyle in ways proven to be helpful.

Please chime in with your own thoughts and knowledge but please know that I will not tolerate people who evangelize fad diets (gluten-free, paleo, vegan, etc.) in the comments as I have been there done that and am quite sick of that corner of acne.org and have escaped that rabbit hole, thank God.

xoxo glitz


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