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Day 49



Hello again! So I'm approaching 50 days on The Regimen and time is really flying by.

At this point I'm doing the same routine all of the time, and I've gotten used to taking a half an hour every morning and night on my face. It gets a little annoying and tiring, but I'll do whatever it takes to get perfect skin.

Anyway, lately my biggest problem has been extremely ANNOYING flakes, and also discoloration.

The reason I purchased AHA+ was because my skin was so ridiculously dry all of the time and I heard that it gets rid of flakes completely. Well, so far that's not true for me. Since the beginning, I've also changed my moisturizer to Cetaphil and I think that helped a lot. The AHA+ may have even helped a little with big flakes, but at this point my skin is still so flaky in general. Every day I wake up with an itchy face because it's covered in flakes. After I wash it and apply BP, the dryness is still there. It's not until I apply a full pump of Cetaphil with AHA+ and 8 drops of Jojoba oil that I can make my skin look fairly smooth and presentable. But even then I'll have to check my face in the mirror before I go anywhere throughout the day, pick off a few flakes around the sides of my face and sometimes reapply a little lotion and oil. It's just frustrating because my skin never used to be dry at all and it's like there's nothing I can do to get rid of it for good. :(

The discoloration that I mentioned before is also extremely annoying. I'm just really not happy with the color or texture of my face in general. The acne is almost completely gone and you can really only see the scars and marks up close, which I'm extremely happy about. However, it doesn't look as good because my face is always either red or tan and instead of people telling me my skin looks great, they just say "why is your face so red?" or "did you go on vacation?"

Of course I'd love to look naturally tan, but it's the middle of February in New York and it's below freezing outside. I know damn well that my "tan" isn't from the sun, and the only thing I've been putting on my face is the Regimen. It used to be a lot worse when I used the yellow Regimen moisturizer, but now my Cetaphil lotion is white, so I was expecting that problem to be gone. Unfortunately it's not. I'm guessing the "tan" is from the Jojoba oil or the yellow AHA+, even though I only use a little of both and I mix it in with the Cetaphil. When my face is red, I guess it's because I've used too much AHA+. It just really sucks because I want the acne to be gone and I want to use these products but at the same time, I don't want to look like I got a fake tan or a sunburn. Naturally I have pretty pale skin in the winter and so that's how the rest of my body is and my face just doesn't blend in. I also think my progress would show a lot more on smoother lighter skin.

Anyway if anyone actually read this I could use any help or tips you might have. Should I expect to have dry skin forever? And will my skin ever just be it's natural color again?

*Aside from the negatives I do have to say that the acne itself is truly disappearing and my skin is actually almost clear. It's just not perfect yet..


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I also get a lot of flakes around once a week. It just keeps coming and going. I'm also going through the hyper pigmentation. My face is around 3 shades darker than my neck!

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Hey I'm at the two month stage of my regimen experience and one thing that really helped with flakiness was rubbing away the dry skin right after you cleanse your face. I know it seems counter-productive because it may irritate your skin but I think the risk is worth the reward. Right after you cleanse your face and rinse it just rub over one section of your face at a time, clumping up the dead skin and then rinsing it off with water. Make sure that your face is wet to make it less irritating for your skin. Hope this helps.

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I had to stop using BP altogether. The number of times I could actually use it in a week was so low that it wasn't doing anything for my acne and just making me dry. You can try rubbing a bit of jojoba oil on your face before you wash. Just rub it in. Sometimes it picks up the dead skin in clumps. If anything at least it might help moisturize a bit. Or you can use a VERY gentle exfoliator. I use a jojoba bead exfoliator every other night and AHA on the nights I don't exfoliate.

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@rpython Yeah the flakes and the discoloration were the worst parts for me. Thankfully though my skin is getting a lot better now that I've been on the Regimen for almost 3 months! Good luck :)

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