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Week 1



So week 1 is actually tomorrow, but I won't have time to write tomorrow so I'm going to write today. No pictures because its all pretty much the same, with the addition of a few new inflamed pimples.

I do have some interesting news though. When I steamed my face I got most of the blackheads out of my nose, and they haven't reappeared like they usually do. That gives me an indication as to what is causing my acne. If it were any of the products I am using, the blackheads would be back. Also, if my skin was as oily as it usually is, they would also be back. So, I've come to conclusion that the natural products are working to decrease oil in my skin. So why am I continuing to get acne? I've decided its hormones. I am going to the doctor next Wednesday to talk about getting my hormones tested. I just don't understand how all of a sudden my hormones are so out of whack. I haven't changed anything. I've been off the pill for years. My diet is the same (its not a good diet but its never caused me any problems). No new medications. Its a mystery.

Anyway, I think once I figure out my hormones, my skin will start to get better because I think the natural products are helping with any extra oil. I am also manually exfoliating every other night with a gentle natural jojoba bead exfoliator, and using AHA every other night, when I don't exfoliate, and both together seem to be keeping the closed comedones at bay.

I have also switched back to Almay Smartshade makeup (foundation and cover up). Jane Iredale was not working for me. Made me look cakey. I love Almay, it covers wonderfully for me.

Well, not that anyone is really following this anyway lol, but I'll update after I go to the doctor. I think I more do this blog for me anyway.


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