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Accutane-Week 5



I thought that perhaps I might not even add an entry as I end week 5... as noted before this has been more of a mental struggle than anything. Perhaps the medication is actually getting to me and I am having the depression side effects. Or maybe its the thought of how my face looks that makes me feel depressed?

I cried so much a few nights ago. I'm having such a hard time with dealing with this. I know, I get it, patience, probably won't see results for another couple of months? or more..

You just read so many posts about how someone never had an initial breakout, that their face cleared within a couple of weeks or a month.. how awesome for you. Then there are others that have had to wait almost the whole course of treatment and broke out the entire time.. please don't let that be me...please.. I just want to touch my face and feel it being smooth. To look in the mirror or catch a glimpse of my reflection and not see any bumps. To have someone look at me and not look directly at my acne.

My right lower side just will not clear, its breakout after breakout. I am however thankful that all of the blackheads that were all over my nose are finally gone. There are few that came to surface on my chin but they are starting to disappear as well. My back & chest no longer feel like sandpaper but I do still have a few red spots on my back.

As for the other side effects: The same dry lips & dry eyes occasionally. Oddly enough my skin isn't overly dry, it flakes every now and then but it isn't terrible. I actually had a small piece of skin that flaked off, made me feel sick, it felt like I was literally shedding my skin. I suppose that's normal?

You think about giving up on the drug or keep hoping that a miracle will happen.


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