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This my experience on proactiv, when I was little around the age of 11-12 I started to develope acne. It wasn't bad I used drug store face washes, although it was working I had little knowledge about acne. I noticed that all the face washes I use perviousily didn't work out at all. Around the age of 15 I started to use proactiv because I thought it was just like some ordinary drug store face wash. I received a sample of the product (came with all three steps), the first night I use proactive I noticed a HUGE difference I was happy at last but once the sample ran out so did my perfect skin. I've notice my pimple coming back, and it came back worse. I was frustrated and depressed. I went back to drug store products and my face wasn't the same, some products work but i didn't see any result after using a the entire bottle. Some how people convinced me to use proactiv again, So I did. It's because I was reciving the products for free. The second time I use it, it was working fine... Actually better than the drug store products. But Ive noticed my skin drying up sooo bad and I was afraid using a moisturizer that didn't come from that company would be to much chemicals on my face (yes, Now I know there way more chemicals in proactiv) so because of that and my laziness of applying the three steps morning and night I stopped using it. Al though I didn't quit immediately I used it less everyday until I completely stopped and I did this on my third try on Proactiv. I'm 17 now turning 18 in a month, my acne is bad and I'm currently using drug store products. I've tried homemade mask and exfoliators but nothing can eliminate my acne. Is there anything anybody can recommend?


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If Proactiv was working, its probably because its full of benzoyl peroxide. Find a treatment cream with 2.5% BP, you can get at the drug store, and see if it makes the difference you were seeing with Proactiv. Your skin will dry up with BP, so find a good moisturizer to use as well. Dry skin is irritated skin, and irritation=acne. You need to find a good balance. Be careful with exfoliators. I don't know what type of skin you have, but you want the least amount of irritation possible. I personally can't use any harsh chemicals on my face anymore. Its just too much.

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Do you have acne on your cheeks? What you can do is just use the BP where you get acne so you don't dry out the rest of your skin. That's what I was doing for a while.

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