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Week 8 (Day 58)



Stick a fork in me and call me DONE because that's exactly how i'm feeling at this moment. I've tried to stay positive on this blog and i'm going to continue to try to do so but I am so over this roller coaster. Some days it seems that I am FINALLY getting clear and then I turn around and 6 more pimples pop out without rhyme or reason. Why am I even putting myself through this process if all that is going to end up happening is disappointment after disappointment after disappointment. I could use some encouraging words.

What else can I do to make this process go faster? Please, tell me.

I had 5 new red pimples come in tonight on my lip line and mouth/chin area and then my upper left and right cheek has smaller red bumps popping up. To make matters worse, I think my eczema is returning as I have noticed some red, dry patches on my forehead and by my eye.

Feeling defeated.


start some random activity:) yoga…? charity volunteering? If you can not help yourself, help someone else…. It is difficult, life in general is difficult when we make it about ourselves:) But, when we make it about helping someone else, life transforms, you get all you need from everywhere:) Even in our darkest moment there is light to be found and that is called magic or god within us. Light for all:)

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Londoncat, I really enjoy the advice you give. I do volunteer and keep busy but I admit that i still struggle from time to time (like now). I know that like all things, this is a season that will pass eventually but right now, I am caught up in the moment. I do agree though that there is ALWAYS light at the end of the tunnel.

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when I started differin I wanted to se results quicker, just stick to what you are doing and slowly things will change, it was between 3 - 6 months before I could notice a noted difference in my skin, mainly that all the crap had kind of been cleared out but in the process of getting there a lot of my blocked pores did turn in to larger spots and cysts I guess it needs to come out somewhere. Stay strong, stick with it. xx

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Philippians 4:13...my favorite Scripture. Always helps me through the hard times.

When I was breaking out a lot, I used to read a lot from the Book of Job and his struggles, and that sort of helped, too. I'm sure you probably already do that.

Hold onto your faith, Leelowe! It's something this damned disorder cannot disfigure!!

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Thank you ladies for your words of encouragement. DeLovely, I love the book of Job and i know that if his faith can get him through his horrible circumstances, then my situation is not so bad. I am holding on as best as I can. It's all i can do.

Gkitten, i understand what you are saying. I doubt my derm will keep me on differin past 14 weeks if i have not seen some consistent improvement but we'll see. Everytime that I think I am clearing up...BAM! A new crop of acne. I'm starting not to care anymore. I think i'm also disappointed as I am seeing a naturopath and so far it doesn't seem to be curbing the continuous breakouts. This week has been pretty bad, at least 2-3 inflamed zits a day.

Trying to not be down...I keep telling myself I am still early in so......

The support from you guys has been awesome!

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